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Game 116 Open Thread- Blue Jays (58-57) at Royals (51-64)

The seemingly endless Blue Jays-Royals series continues tonight at the K. Amazingly, the Royals have been allowed to play a Sunday night game, for what I think -- not verified -- is the first time this season. Great news that; watching a baseball game with a 1:05 start time in August is pretty much the definition of misery. Not sure how this one slipped through the clutches of ESPN's exclusive game, but I'm happy to enjoy the consequences.

Tonight its our man Brian Bannister (8-6, 3.32 ERA) as the Royals look to snag their second game of this series. The Blue Jays counter with A.J. Burnett (5-6, 4.31 ERA), he of the "my wife gets 8 round-trip limousine trips from Toronto to Maryland a year" contract clause. And yes, I will continue to mention this every time A.J. takes on our precious, precious Royals. I hope Karen has used at least five of those trips by now, or else she'll really have to pack the 8-hour limo trips in tightly at the end of the year.

Tonight's game will become a cherished memory, one that will bring a gentle smile to our face for years to come.

Any predictions on the game?