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Game 119 Open Thread- Royals (52-66) at Rangers (52-66)

Thanks to NHZ for his nice post on the Royals' catching situation, I hope everyone got a chance to read it. If you happen to use RR as a delightful daytime diversion you are in luck, as I'll be posting a Radio Affiliate Profile on Fairbury, Nebraska tomorrow morning...

While a 5-7 August has taken some of the wind out of the Royals proverbial sails, there remains time to string another hot streak together in pursuit of that relatively unprecedented third winning month of the season. Last season, the St. Louis Cardinals somehow made the postseason despite posting only three winning months all season (April, May and July). Perhaps even more remarkably, they spent 129 days in first place. Ahh, the NL Central, like a loving wife, you always know where she stands.

Much like our Royals, the Rangers have been playing .500 baseball since Whitsuntide, and have now caught our boys at 52-66 thanks to last night's victory. Who knows, maybe a draft slot is at stake this week, determining which # the kid the Royals won't be able to sign next year will come in at. Huzzaa!

Imagine how unhappy they'd be if they had your life.

Tonight's matchup features those two jolly and gay men pictured above, as Gil Meche (7-10, 3.95 ERA), weighted down with the hopes and dreams of an entire region, does battle against Vincente Padilla (3-8, 6.69 ERA). Padilla's had his own series of battles over the years. Surely, the thought of the Royal lineup feels him only with a rising sense of dread.