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Game 120 Open Thread- Royals (52-67) at Rangers (53-66)

Just when we thought a season series victory over the Texas Rangers was secure, those stumblebums to the south rallied back with two straight victories to pull the series tally to an uncomfortably close 3-2.

With the fate of Oklahoma and whatever parts of Arkansas aren't drunk on the moonshine of Cardinals baseball on the line, it would be tempting to feel anxious for Leo Nunez (2-0, 1.80 ERA), especially considering that the young man is 16 years old and weighs 114 pounds. That line of thinking would ignore Nunez's solid work this season. Yes, he's been a little hit-lucky and the strikeout totals aren't much better than pedestrian, but he's keeping  the ball in the strike-zone and daring hitters to make grand contact. So far, so good.

The Rangers counter with a blackguard traitor named John Rheinkecker (1-1, 6.75 ERA), an apostate out of the school formerly known as Southwest Missouri State.

This is not over.


  • Thanks to everyone who weighed in over the last eighteen hours on all things Moustakas, our favorite barely legal batsman. Situations like last night reveal the strength of this new medium we're all still getting used to...

• Some guy named Trent Green returns to KC tonight. Arrowhead Pride has a Game Thread up, if you are so inclined. I just bet on exhibition preseason games, I don't watch them.

• Sorry for the delay on the Fairbury, Nebraska radio affiliate profile, I chose to delay it because of all the Moose-chatter. It'll be up tonight, after the game.

• Women love guys sporting t-shirts honoring vaguely well-known blogs! Order your Royals Review t-shirt today!!