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Game 121 Open Thread- Royals (53-67) at A's (60-62)

We've now slogged, skipped and skimmed through 120 games and I hazard to guess that very few of us still know just what to make of this team, especially at the micro-level. Considering this weekend's showdown in Oakland against the Athletics, very little would surprise me: the Royals could look horrible and get swept, or do just the opposite. The A's are still a solid run-prevention team, they just can't score. The Royals, more or less, are about the same.

Whats already generating some discussion is the Donnie Murphy Angle: Murphy is a former Royal farmhand now starting for the A's at short. And while injuries are partially the explanation for this event, A's observers are already considering Murphy  a preferred option to Bobby Crosby at SS in 2008. For the Royals Review discussion, check out daveyork's diary.

Our man Brian Bannister (8-7, 3.41 ERA) takes the mound tonight against, I think, Dan Meyer, a former James Madison Duke making his big league debut.

I'm off to dinner at Benihana, but hoping to catch the majority of the game. Of course, if I come home with two waitresses I can't tell apart, then...