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Game 125 Open Thread- Royals (55-69) at White Sox (55-69)

With fourth place again on the line, the Royals turn to Leo Nunez (2-0, 1.96 ERA), placing the weight of the world on a guy who looks like he's 14 and may weigh less than 130 pounds. In all seriousness, while Nunez has been a great kickstart to the pitching staff, doesn't he also provide another data point for the idea that, with pitchers, we really have no idea whats going on?

The White Sox counter with Javy Vazquez (10-6, 3.74 ERA). Vazquez is sorta like the Willa Cather of pitchers: he fluctuates endlessly between being under-rated and over-rated. I had just assumed he would be something like 7-9 with a 5.70 ERA, but... there he is, sitting at 3.74 (at the Cell no less), with a VORP of 38.5, 20th best in all of baseball and 10th best in the AL.

I'm heading back to Iowa this week. Luckily, my friends found a great way to get a hold of straight cash, and I can't wait to get back! We share many interests.


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