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Game 128 Open Thread- Indians (70-57) at Royals (57-70)

As long as the Indians and Royals keep playing head-to-head, the cool inverted records thing will continue. If you still need a reason, thats something to hold onto.

Tonight its Aaron Laffey (1-1, 5.73 ERA) against Hiram Davies (5-10, 5.62 ERA). While Davies has the supposedly better "stuff" and the sexy ex-Brave pedigree, Laffey's simply been turning in good start after good start all season in AAA Buffalo, eventually earning the attention of the Indians front office. Still, it was a mild surprise when Laffey was pegged as tonight's starter earlier this week, when the default decision would have been to give Cliff Lee -- who mockingly saluted booing fans with a tip of the cap as he sprinted off the mound in his final start of the season, which was a brutal shelling -- a trusted veteran fighting through a terrible season. Basically, its something of their Elarton/Odie problem, only that Lee's actually been effective since the start of Gulf War II.

Tonight's game will stay in our minds forever, and I can't wait to share it all with you.

(But since RR world headquarters is re-opening tonight and relying on any nearby wireless feed, that may not be possible.)