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Game 129 Open Thread- Indians (71-57) at Royals (57-71)

Here we are, the finale of this weekend's Royals-Indians dogfight squabble. All of human history has merely been a mostly irrelevant and wandering prelude to this magical Sunday afternoon showdown.

On the mound for the Tribe its Fausto Carmona (14-8, 3.11 ERA), who is making what seems like his 15th start of the season against our Royals. While our Fausts are more typically undone by a Promethean vanity and pride in scientific power, Lake Erie's Fausto has been more plagued by a lack of run-support in recent times.

Of course, so too has Gil Meche (7-11, 3.88 ERA). While Meche has been out played by Carmona on the field, he's made up for it with his invaluable veteran leadership, toughness and grit.