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Royals Dishonor Di's Memory with Crushing 5-3 Loss

As Ross Gload stepped to the plate in the bottom of the 10th inning I wrote:

gotta run

the library's closing (yes, I know, its shameful the hours they keep here) and my parking meter is expiring

i fully expect to see a 5-3 indians victory on my computer by the time i get home

This was not a fun game to lose, but as these things go it would have been a fairly cheap win as well. Still, perhaps Grady's 9th inning "double" trumps the Royals fluky singles-based three-run inning earlier. I'm not sure.

For what its worth, Cleveland has played an absolute ton of close games this season:

Cleveland Record in Close Games

1 run: 22-20
2 runs: 13-10
3 runs: 11-9

Thats 42 one-run games and 23 two-run games through 129, which comes out to an astounding 58% of their total. For good measure, 73.6% of the Tribe's games have been within three runs.

By way of comparison, here's the Royals close game data:

KC Record in Close Games

1 run: 18-16
2 run: 6-16 (weird, huh?)
3 run: 7-10

I can't help but feel that at various earlier points in the season the Royals would have been much better positioned to win this game, but with Greinke out of the 'pen for now, Dotel traded and Ducky long since injured away, we've been reduced to some combination of Riske, Gobble, Peralta and Soria, usually minus whomever had to go two innings the night before.

Like all those touched by Diana's death ten years ago, we can only soldier on in her honor however.