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Game 130 Open Thread- Tigers (71-60) at Royals (57-72)

This matters to no one, but Iowa City is quite possibly the hottest place on the face of the Earth today, a climatological occurrence which made the first day of classes incredibly uncomfortable. Well, for this instructor at least. Spending half an hour elbow deep in a jamming copier didn't help either...


In falling to the Indians 5-3 in extra innings Sunday afternoon, the Royals squandered a small but significant opportunity to leave their own impression upon the AL Central Pennant Race. Instead, the Indians slinked out of town with a respectable 2-1 series' victory and whatever sense of self-worth is possible to those professional athletes who are forced to live in Cleveland.

As fate the MLB scheduler would have it however, the Royals get another crack at relevance, as the Motor City Kitties come to town for three epoch changing games at the K. Tonight, its our man Brian Bannister (10-7, 3.28 ERA) in his continuing quest to finish a distant second to Dice-K in the AL ROY vote.

The Tigers counter with Nate Robertson (7-10, 4.80 ERA), who, despite working the Rec Specs, actually isn't that hardcore. I want my bespectacled athletes insane, dangerous and self-destructive, not back of the rotation roster filler who get by on changing speeds.