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Game 110 Open Thread- Royals (48-61) at Yankees (60-50)

I realize that Hank Aaron must be deified as part of the ongoing anti-Bonds festival, but its interesting to compare his final season to Barry's much maligned crawl to 755.

Aaron wasn't exactly mid-90s Albert Belle during his final season, hitting .229/.315/.369 in 1976. In '75, he wasn't much better, only managing a .234/.332/.355 line. Still, he padded on an extra 22 homers those two seasons, so perhaps it was worth it. Interestingly enough, Aaron launched his final homer on July 20th of 1976, the proceeded to be shutout in his final 23 games. (Game log, here.)

The bottom line is that, as Joe Morgan of all people pointed out, it honestly isn't about one man replacing another. Ruth wasn't replaced by Aaron, and Aaron won't be replaced by Bonds. Its more a discussion or a pantheon of greatness. This is why there is a Hall of Fame. The numbers are a record of what happened, and if people feel Barry somehow is a pale fraud compared to Aaron, so be it...

Anyway, this isn't a Giants site, or ESPN, so I'll hold off on more Bonds stuff. Longtime readers know I'm in the minority on the subject anyway...

Today its the long-awaited finale of the Yankee series, with Gil Meche, the embodiment of male excellence going up against whiny Mike Mussina and his annoying, hicckupy, Scott Elarton-esque windup. Needless to say, the Royals need some innings from the $55 million dollar man.