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Game 112 Open Thread- Twins (57-55) at Royals (49-62): Yangtze River Dolphin Memorial Edition

With the Twins sending Johan Santana (11-9, 2.98 ERA) to the mound tonight, an opportunity presents itself (are they ever presented any other way?) for the Royals to really make the Twins miserable. After creeping back into AL Central relevance, the Twins have now lost two straight; a surprising loss to the Royals in a Johan-started game would signal something just short of a major slide.

Looking to make that impossible dream a reality is Odalis Perez (6-10, 5.79 ERA). I'm not sure what Odie is anymore on the mound: he's something of a pitch-to-contact pitcher that avoids the gopher ball, yet nevertheless gives up his fair share of runs. In an uncertain world, you can put faith in Odalis allowing 3-5 runs in about six innings, game in, game out. Still, in the mixed up world of sports cliches, you can claim that Odalis has given the KC rotation "stability", although no one would claim that, say, having the same horrible meal every fifth day was anything virtuous, I guess the implication is that its better than starving. On the mound, we know that as "Kyle Snyder".  

The Royals' Record, by the Month

April: 8-18
May: 11-17
June: 15-12
July: 13-12
August: 2-3



The official front office blog has a nice update on the Mike Sweeney/Matt Herndon story. .. Clark at Royals Authority compares the Royals to the rest of the league... Royals Retro offers an incredibly in-depth look at the 1980 season... In Dayton we Trust touches on last night's win. Lastly, beloved former Royal Raul Ibanez has had two good games this year, and about 100 bad ones. Lookout Landing points out that 15% of his total bases have come in 2% of his games.

Killed off just in time for the Beijing Olympics.