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Game 113 Open Thread- Twins (58-55) at Royals (49-63)

NHZ's post will jump back on top of today's game thread after the game...-RR

Just a wee little post here for today's afternoon game thread, since I just finished updating the all-important Top Five Royal Doubles Hitters Since 1993 list, which can be found below.

Today's game features the second KC start for Hiram Davies (4-8, 6.07 ERA). I have no doubt the standing-room only crowd at the K will give him a welcome to KC standing ovation.

For the Twins, its Matt Garza (1-2, 1.78 ERA).

Doesn't he realize that we expect men, especially professional athletes, to be joyless and menacing?  The only acceptable non-angry faces are smirky and annoyed. Matt Garza's joyous face scandalizes us all.


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