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Game 143 Open Thread- Twins (70-73) at Royals (62-80)

If the Royals weren't mired in a five game losing streak, this week's series against the Twins might have been a critical showdown in the race for third place in the AL Central. Instead, if anything, only fourth place is at stake, as a 3-7 stretch has allowed the White Sox to creep back into the rear-view mirror.

William Jennings Bryan did win Missouri, but not Kansas.

Making his second career start tonight is William Jennings Buckner (0-0, 5.40 ERA). Billy is the third person in Major League history born in Decatur, Georgia, the other two being obscure left-hander Ken Vining and, somewhat amazingly, current teammate Hiram Kyle Davies!

The Twins will counter with Boof Bonser, whose place of birth is irrelevant.

In other news, Homerderby is doing a Mascot Bracket, and Slgggrrrr needs our support.