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Totally Off-Topic

I can't go five seconds without seeing an ad for Good Luck Chuck. Whats the premise? Alba's supposed to be unlucky or something?

Didn't Hollywood just release a movie that featured Lindsey Lohan being unlucky too? To say nothing of the Nanny Diaries campaign which also featured an uber-rich starlet, insanely loved starlet that is playing a clumsy undergod? This might be the only thing worse than the spate of movies and TV shows supposedly about "nerds" and their delightful struggles, triumphs and mannerisms. Trust me, the reality of nerd is experience is much more painful and less picturesque than anything on NBC. I imagine this is how gypsies felt during the nineteenth century.

Life in these United States, its just gonna keep getting more and more unbearable, I suppose. The good news is that in two weeks it'll all be over, and another horrible bit of garbage will be attacking me.

Apparently accidental panty display is acceptable for network ads however, as both Good Luck and Nanny attest.

Now back to your regularly scheduled program.