Buddy Bell Offenses: 9/11

  1. Needlessly Starts LaRue.
  2. Pinch runs for Butler in a position where he is likely to bat again.
  3. Utterly waste German, one of the best hitters on the team, for a stupid pinch running decision.
  4. Pinch hit Costa for Buck with AG on 2nd after Buck has been used as a defensive substitute.
  5. Does not PH for TPJ as the first batter in the bottom of the 8th (hey, wouldn't German have been great there!)
To drive the point home: Bell deprived himself of his number 1 OPS+ bat (Butler at 107) and his number 2 OPS+ guy (Buck at 99) to substitute one bat from Costa (OPS+ 45).  In addition, he never even let his number 7 OPS+ bat (German at 90) take a swing, instead allowing TPJ (OPS+ 56) to hack away.

Mind-boggling incompetence.

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