Buddy Bell Falls to 200 games below .500

This week Buddy Bell fell to 200 games under .500 for his career.

40% of the time my moves work every time

Buddy Bell Managerial Career

Other managers 200 under:
Connie Mack
Jimmie Wilson
John McCloskey

Hey, that's one Hall of Famer!

Congrats Buddy!

Chris Jaffe: The Dance of Buddy Bell

Only a handful of men ever fell 200 games under - John McCloskey, Patsy Donovan (aside from the appropriate first name for a losing manager, he's the only one to recover and end up with less than 200 losses for his career), Jimmie Wilson, and Connie Mack. The last to lose this dance was Mack, fifty-seven years ago. Do you realize how long a period of time that is?

* America only had 48 stars on its flag when it last happened.
* A handful of Civil War veterans were still kicking.
* The US still occupied Japan back then.
* Charles Schulz was trying to find a distributor for a new comic strip he had called "Peanuts."
* The Korean War was barely two weeks old when Mack fell that far under.
* Sister Mary Theresa hadn't yet begun charity work in Calcutta, let alone become known as Mother.
* William Randolph Hearst still breathed.
* Humphrey Bogart was a big star. Marlon Brando and Montgomery Clift were nobodies.

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