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Game 147 Open Thread- Royals (63-83) at Indians (86-61)

Last night the Indians improved to 26-21 in one-run games, thanks to a cheap, annoying and frustrating 5-4 victory over the Royals. The Royals surrendered two runs in the 7th, one in the 8th and one in the 9th, and lost a game in the bullpen, with three homers. All this while Joakim Soria sat in the dugout waiting for the Royals , since the Royals weren't leading by 1-3 runs in the 9th inning. Its funny how an old school buffon like Bell will tell anyone who listens about how dumb stats are, yet he would let the definition of a stat actually dictate how he handles the game. So therefore the Indians got to play the fun and lose and goofy jock role, complete with the ohh so "funny" cream pie to the face for Casey Blake postgame.

Ha. Ha.

Sigh. Deep breath.

OK, who cares. This team is going nowhere, and a fair amount of stupidity is just the way the game is played this year. In Cleveland, Wedge has routinely gotten massacred in the media for 1) not bunting enough and 2) using his "closer" in a tie-game in the 9th inning, which is exactly what he did last night.

Anyway, its a beautiful day today here in northern Indiana, and I'll be checking out the Howe Indian Summer Days fest in downtown Howe, and also probably skipping over to Pokagon State Park as well.

Still, you know I won't miss Indians-Royals, Game 147 for anything! Its Zach/k Greinke (6-5, 3.99 ERA) against Fausto Carmona (16-8, 3.20 ERA). Fausto of course, is having a great season, thanks to the fact that he's a mad scientist who has sold his soul to the Devil for the secrets of the universe.


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Some interesting games today, Iowa-ISU, USC-Neb, K-State-Mo. State, ohh... if anyone knows a good Mizzou site, let me know.