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Game 148 Open Thread- Royals (63-84) at Indians (87-61)

So lets see: the Royals had three hits, drew no walks, made three errors and grounded into a double play.

So obviously, all hail the glorious Indians, who gloated their way to a 6-0 victory that, despite what I heard on the Indians broadcast last night, says absolutely nothing about how prepared or suited the Tribe is for postseason play. Most absurdly, Tom Hamilton -- who I legitimately enjoy -- suggested that this Indians team was better suited for the postseason than the mid-90s teams, which is just patently insane. I know we've all got to assent to this notion that pitching is 95% of baseball or whatever you might think, but the 1995 Indians went 100-44 in a strike shortened season, which means they would have snagged their 100th win sometime last week.

So, if you wanna crown 'em...

You have to love Buddy PHing Huber last night for LaRue, ohh wait, he pinch hit for DeJesus. Oh well, nothing can be perfect in this life. At the moment, "David Howard's Legacy" moves into the catbird seat on the Huber Prediction Game, with his bet of 1 PA for our man.

This afternoon its William Jennings Buckner (0-1, 5.29 ERA) against Aaron Laffey.