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The Worst Game of the Year

7-0 Chicago.

Jose Contreras pitched a COMPLETE, GAME, SHUTOUT. Dude only made 100 pitches.

As Buddy says, "stay aggressive".

The Royals grounded into three double plays and struck out six times against a fifty year old.

And through it all, Buddy sat idly by giving Gload, LaRue and all the rest all the plate appearances they could stand. No pinch runners, no pinch hitters, no defensive replacements. Buddy even stuck with old reliables out of the bullpen: because we have no idea what JDLR and Ducky can bring to the team.

End the season now, we don't need to watch this ship slowly sink while Jason LaRue and Ross Gload serenade the ole Skipper.

And saying so to some
Means nothing; others it leaves
Nothing to be said.