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Game 136 Open Thread- Royals (60-75) at Twins (69-67)

First, let me apologize a bit for the down quality of the site the last few days. I've been back home for a funeral this week and a bust and uneven schedule coupled with the consistently early start times at the Metrodome has left me on my heels. This will continue today, as I'm headed to the airport in an hour. Judging from the last ten or so game threads, it looks like many of us may have started to break down, or at least have begun to dedicate chunks of our leisure time to other things for awhile.

Perhaps the most notable thing to come out of this weekend's battle with the Twins was the Royals slight failure to finish the month on a winning note. Considering the Royals ended August with a Indians-Tigers-Twins gauntlet, this isn't wholly surprising.

KC Record by Month:

April: 8-18
May: 11-17
June: 15-12
July: 13-12
August: 13-15
September: 0-1

Perhaps the most encouraging development this season has been the Royals increased competitiveness within the division. Weirdly enough, the Royals have fared worst against the White Sox, arguably the second weakest team in the AL.
KC Record in the AL Central:

vs. Minnesota: 7-7
vs. Detroit: 6-9
vs. Cleveland: 5-7
vs. Chicago: 3-8

The Royals will try to make it 8-7 against the Twins behind Brian Bannister (11-7, 3.27 ERA). Bannister went 4-1 in August, and in posting a 2.90 ERA raised the possibility that his high level of performance might be something we can begin to count on. The Twins counter with Boof Bonser (6-11, 4.72 ERA).

Jason LaRue Update

Thanks to a double yesterday -- his first hit since July -- Jason's current batting line is .140/.234/.273 in 165 plate appearances. It must be crushing for the Royals to watch this, as they suspected him to sustain last season's stirring .194/.317/.346 performance.