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Game 152 Open Thread- Sox (66-86) at Royals (65-86)

Don't worry everyone Emil Brown and Mike Sweeney are back in the lineup this afternoon. Buddy has no designs on leaving Gload and Gathright out of the lineup either. For those who like very slowly counting small numbers, Brazell's PA count is at 2, while Huber has reached an astronomical 5. Paul Phillips has stepped to the plate once since being called up.

I honestly can't take this anymore. Something about completely pointless adherence to a idiotic plan just rubs me the wrong way. Why even wake up in the morning?

Its Garland versus Greinke in a matinée at the K! Considering the context of the game, there is a good chance that not a single one of Buddy's "stay aggressive" Royals will see a fifth pitch in any at bat today.

Our lives will never be the same, as the next four hours will, without fail, leave their imprint upon the molten wax of our souls.