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Game 153 Open Thread- Royals (66-68) at Tigers (83-70)

In the last 48 hours I've somewhat randomly decided to return to my alma mater this weekend in the hopes of seeing them possibly win a football game. Actually, its mostly just to walk around campus and see a few friends from my glory days "days that were only marginally different from the way my life is now, only those positive margins were in all the right areas, whilst my experience still fell short of the kind of thing that usually gets portrayed in the mass media, or how I imagine things are in the SEC or Pac-10". Nevertheless, I'll be on the road here in a few hours, although most likely around for the game thread tonight, live from some motel somewhere...

And of course, now that the Royals are back in 4th and owners of a one-game winning-streak, its all the more critical that I make it back to the internet in time to complain about Buddisimo's maddening non-use of the September callups. Hell, dude seems to have even soured on Shane Costa at this point. Its really one of the most intellectually deficient things I've seen in a long time -- not a small statement considering I'm also a teacher -- watching the nightly creation of another inept attack. Point number one is that trying to "win now" at the expense of giving a few guys a cup of coffee/looksie is both selfish on Bell's part and detrimental to the long-term needs of the franchise. Point number two is, and this is the real kicker, that actually playing Huber, Brazell, Costa, and the like isn't actually a lineup downgrade, and in fact may be an upgrade. But alas, we've beaten this horse before...

William Jennings Buckner (1-1, 4.30 ERA) against the young and apparently Dutch/Curacoan Jair Jurrjens (3-1, 2.84 ERA) tonight in Detroit.

Get ready to have memories be made!