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Gil Meche Throws 124 Pitches for Absolutely No Reason

In Game 156, on September 24th, in a game between two losing teams Gil Meche threw 124 pitches.

Meche went into uncharted territory in terms of innings pitched in his career three starts ago. But, with Meche already over 100 pitches, in a 2-2 game, Buddy sent Meche back out to face the heart of the Oriole order.

Why?!?! Honestly, why?

Seriously, we all get it: the Meche signing wasn't without merit, and he's a leader of men, and the head badass in the locker-room and on and on. And no, its very very sad that he doesn't have more shiny pitcher W's this year. Terribly sad, in one of those not actually sad at all ways. All of that being said, this was a fundamentally idiotic move. Even if the risk is only small, considering there is absolutely no advantage to be gained, the move is indefensible. If I run across the street blindfolded and make it, it still doesn't mean I should have done it. Thats doubly true if there was nothing even waiting for me on the other side.

The beauty of the Meche contract is that he's locked up for four more seasons, and $11 M.per is likely going to be a bargain in a few years. Treating the Battle of Bako like its Game 7 of the World Series risks the very value of the contract we've spent a season defending.

Can we please bring some sense to this September of aimless irrationality, or would that not be fair to Dougie?