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Lets Finish Strong

One refrain you hear in September is a desire to "finish strong", (a strange phrase if you think about it). Finishing strong is something everyone wants: teams, individual players, coaches, etc. If you follow this team everyday, you'll note how the Royals really haven't finished strong in any sense, the team's playing poorly, and most of the good individual performances have actually taken a negative turn.

Us fans aren't finishing too strong either. We're tired of this team and bored with them as well. Bell's rigid insistence to play his guys has taken an almost comical turn, but its also reached well beyond the mundane. Last night's come from behind victory was randomly delightful, but imagine if Huber, Brazell and Phillips had played a part? Instead, we just had to make do with a nice outing from the other Ryan Braun.

Anyway, here's my request and personal pledge: Lets Finish the Season Strong here at RR.

I want to see all of you guys in these last few Game Threads -- you know you'll miss them when they're gone -- this week. I'll do my best to be present for every game. Bring the insight, bring the humor, bring the hope and pessimism that have made the first 158 games such a ride.

Lets have a great final half-week and set the community tone for next season!