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Game 160 Open Thread- Indians (94-65) at Royals (68-91)

Well, no time like the present to reuse a line from last night: haven't we seen enough of Hiram Kyle Davies (7-14, 5.92 ERA) already? In 10 starts as a Royal, Davies has an ERA of 6.22. Ohh well, I guess theres something to be said for having 40% of our starts come from guys born in Decatur, Georgia, if nothing else. Maybe we can get a radio affiliate there, like the Angels used to have in North Dakota, or wherever it was Darrin Erstad was from.

The Tribe counter with C.C. Sabathia, who'll be making his 5,000th career start against the Royals.

Remember to turn your back on Raffy Betancourt when he takes the field everyone...

In other news, at the tender age of 56, Buddy Bell is ready to focus on being a father. Ahh, the sweet morality of those lovable "baseball men". I wish my dad had played the game, it'd be really awesome to get to know him, in, uhh, six years from now.