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Huber Playing Time Update

If you haven't seen it already, be sure to make your prediction in the Guess the # of PA's Huber Gets contest, the winner will receive a free Royals Review T-Shirt. I think many of us would like a second-chance to make our guess, considering that the Royals have seen Gload and Sweeney go down since Huber was called up, but alas... And regardless, this is Buddy Bell/Justin Huber we're talking about.

Huber Usage Watch:

Games in Dugout: 2
Games Played: 1
Starts: 0
PAs: 0

Playing Huber: it still wouldn't be fair to Dougie.

And there is your update.

In other news, the Royals blew a golden opportunity to reclaim Oklahoma and certain parts of eastern Arkansas as their own in falling again to the Rangers. The Royals still win the season series 5-4, but considering it was 5-2 two nights ago, 5-4 is pretty weak.