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How Much Longer Will "The K" be "The K"?

Jacobs Field no more.

The Jake is now Progressive Field.

Classic Cleveland, they've now got quite an illustrious pedigree: a low-budget auto insurance company that gets you legal but provides no actual coverage (Progressive), and a predatory small-time loan company (Quicken) as their landmark name-owners.

I say by the end of the decade we'll see the K become, what... Hy-Vee Field?

I've never been a fan of the naming rights racket, especially when the stadium in question has been publicly funded. Its just been another quasi-ethical loophole for rich guys to make more money "revenue stream" we've been blessed with in the Seligean era. Right up there with all the horrible upper-deck seats we now have because they're piled on top of luxury boxes and team channels. But beyond all that bitterness, I also feel a more philosophical resistance. The idea of naming a baseball stadium after a random company just seems illogical. At this point, it actually makes more logical sense if the massive edifice in downtown Cleveland totally integrates cars and traffic signs and whatnot into the architecture, and the team changes its name to the Claims or something.

By my count, in the AL we're left with: Kauffman Stadium, Fenway Park, Yankee Stadium, the Metrodome and Camden Yards.