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Fan Fest Begins, Gobble Signs

The first ever Royals Fan Fest kicks off today at the Overland Park Convention Center. I applaud the Royals for setting this entire venture up, as I think it has the potential to be great for the fans, and also good for the team. I spent six years living on the fringes of Chicago and was always envious of the Cubs and Sox fans who got to enjoy the Cubs Convention and SoxFest. I believe the Cubs Convention was the first such animal in this genus, and it typically sells out in something like fifteen minutes. Honestly, I'm really disappointed that I'm not able to make it this year. Then again, thats the essence of blogging right? Always experiencing everything second-hand, always out in the hinterlands. I'm really curious to see how the next two days go, so please, if you hit up FanFest, please share with us your stories.


  • RTC talk has a link up to an interview Trey Hillman did out in Jeff City.
  • The KC Star reports that all seven arb-eligible Royals have filed their paperwork. Those players are Buck, JDLR, Gobble, Greinke, German, Gload and Teahen. Update [2008-1-18 14:36:5 by royalsreview]: Gobble has signed a $1.3 million dollar contract.
  • The official team page has a nice story up about Teahen's charity event last night. Kudos to Mark for setting this up and strengthening his ties to the KC community. Also of note in the story, Billy Butler's wife likes jewelry. You may remember Katie's breaking onto the internet scene when Billy's website went live.
  • Beyond the Boxscore took a look at the science of prospecting. Interesting read.
  • According to MLBTR former Royal Octavio Dotel has signed with the White Sox. The Sox have also resigned Joe Crede to a one-year deal.
  • So is the rumored Adam Jones- Eric Bedard trade going to happen or not? Lookout Landing hopes not.
  • I mentioned a book I was reading in December I believe, but never followed up on it. Anyway, A Girl With Class by Dave Wallis ended up being a very good read. In fact, it was something of a haunting book, almost devastating in the end. The interesting thing is, I can't find anything else on "Dave Wallis". Nothing. Its strange.