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Gabe Gross Covers A Ton of Ground Out in Right, Doesn't He?

Well, I didn't want to watch ESPN, ESPN2 or ESPN News for the next two days anyway...

Helluva comeback for the Sawks, but the Rays didn't do themselves any favors either.

  • The top of the 9th was completely botched. Masterton threw, by my count, no good pitches, save for, perhaps, the final pitch to Pena. The 2-1 cookie to Aki, a batting practice fastball, was ruined with a weak protection swing, because the blessed hit & run was on. Discussion of this by the TBS crew: nonexistent.
  • Between fielding the ball and throwing to first on Youk's grounder in the ninth inning, Evan Longoria called Alex Gordon for advice on looking cocky, blew three bubbles with his gum while smirking and texted Joe Maddon's girlfriend. Then he released a lazy throw.

My internet went out about five minutes after the game ended, so my longer post on the game was lost. Apologies.