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Baseball America's Top Ten Royals Prospects

Good stuff from Baseball America this morning:


Like the Athletics before them, the Rays have become the hope for the hopeless. While the disparities between large- and small-revenue clubs stacks the deck in favor of the Yankees, Red Sox and others, Tampa Bay proved again in 2008 that a less-advantaged club can succeed if it drafts well, develops its own players and makes wise trades.

That's good news for the Royals. But it also leads to the question: If the Rays can do it, why hasn't Kansas City been able to break through?

Here are your top ten Royals prospects according to the venerable BA:


  1. Mike Moustakas
  2. Eric Hosmer
  3. Daniel Cortes
  4. Mike Montgomery
  5. Tim Melville
  6. Danny Duffy
  7. Danny Gutierrez
  8. Carlos Rosa
  9. Kila Ka'aihue
  10. Blake Wood


In conclusion:

They [Montgomery, Moustakas, Hosmer] will be counted on to lead the next Royals' resurgence, but it will likely require more patience. Most of the Royals' best young players already have reached the majors, though they have accumulated a number of strong arms and athletic center fielders in their system. They have few hitting prospects at the upper levels, however, and few high-ceiling bats besides third baseman Mike Moustakas and Hosmer.

At 2:30 EST J.J. Cooper will be hosting a Royals chat at BA. I'll also be posting a brief Q&A with him a bit later, so if you have a good question, share it ASAP in the comments.