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Election Day Open Thread

We're going to try this.  Let's all be polite and respectful of others.  Some of us want one candidate to win.  Some want another.  Some might even want a third guy to win.  Whatever.  Politics can get emotional.  Elections even moreso.  Election Day, triply so.  So let's avoid any nastiness before, during and after the returns come in.  

To spice things up a bit, let's have a prediction contest.  No prize or anything, just for bragging rights. [EDIT - I'll send the winner a free Royals Review T-Shirt]

Popular vote margin (such as: Barr +3.8)

Electoral votes of winning candidate 

Time that the loser begins his concession speech (be sure to include the time zone you're using)

I'll start things off with mine:

Obama +8.2


11:52 EST


One other thing.  If you haven't voted yet, GO VOTE!