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Midnight Moves Open Thread

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As Dutton explains:

The Royals are close to a two-year agreement with free-agent reliever Kyle Farnsworth for $9.25 million. Accordingly, they are expected to cut at least one more player from their 40-man roster before the 11 p.m. deadline Friday for tendering contracts to players.

Players offered contracts are guaranteed to receive at least 30/183rds of the club’s offer _ roughly one-sixth of their salary _ as separation pay if subsequently released. No separation pay is provided if the player isn’t offered a contract before the deadline.

Well, maybe he'll fail the physical. Holiday miracles can happen!

Incidentally, Dutton also mentions, horribly, that Ho-Ram is expecting to win a spot in the rotation.

A day later, and I feel no better about the Ramirez & Farnsworth deals. I really don't.



  • Dick Kaegel reports that Bale and Gathright have been non-tendered. And Cuevas
  • Dutton reports that German has been resigned. Dutton also shares some nice quotes with Moore bitching about the team's payroll and how it may affect some moves. Has he forgotten that he wants to pay Kyle Farnsworth over $9 million??