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Programming Note

Wednesday afternoon, around 4:30, I'll be a guest on "The Closers" on KFRU AM in Columbia, talkin' Royals. The station has a listen live feature, if you live outside the area. A wonderful opportunity to hear how horrible my voice sounds. Call your friends!


  • Joe McEwing for Hall of Fame!
  • Gary Thurman featured on a blog dedicated to the 1988 Topps set. Lots of memories looking at these, since I got a complete set of '88 Topps for Christmas that year.
  • USS Mariner simmed the AL West 100 times and ... the A's won the division the most?
  • Lastly, has anyone seen the multiple Range Rover ads featuring the Flaming Lips song "Do You Realize"? I was stunned the first time I saw them. Why? Google the lyrics to that song.