Why the Royals will win the AL Central in 08'

I have this ritual in the mornings that I always go to the Star's website to read what is going on with my beloved teams.  Then right afterwards I come here to read about what everyone thinks about these subjects.  I was really surprised that no one had posted a diary about JoPo's aticle today... here it is

To tell you the truth I was also very excited to have my first opportunity to post my first diary on this site.  I have always really enjoyed this yearly article from Joe.  I love my Royals and I like to carry hope into each season.  But I was really shocked at one comment made by a scout to be named, here it is:

Scout: Brian Bannister is going to win 15 games. Zack Greinke is going to win 15 games. Brett Tomko is going to win 15 games. How many wins is that?

My first reaction of course was Brian Bannister, eh... Greinke, I can definetely see winning 15.  BRETT TOMKO?!?!?!  Who the heck thinks he is going to win 15 games?  This must be a joke!  So I ignored it and read on...  But then I read this...

Scout: Yes, I think Brett Tomko will win 15 games. I said it. Write it down.

First off this "Scout" didn't even mention Meche... I think this could have been very credible had he said Meche.  I quite frankly am a little disturbed that we have a scout that thinks that Tomko is going to win 15 games this year.  I was puzzled at the Royals signing him and could only think that DM wants him to plug a few holes until some of our prospects are ready.  I didn't realize people on the inside thought that he could win 15.  So my diary here is to see what others think of this and what they expect from Tomko.

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