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Spring Training Game 12 Open Thread

The Royals take on the Giants this afternoon, with Hideo Nomo scheduled to pitch.

Considering that Tomko's struggles yesterday led to a rapidly expanding discussion over in the diaries, I suspect we're about two good Nomo innings from a full clamor of Nomomania. Not that I'd be against that, either. I like my pointless, place-holding, retreads to at least be former greats, or, at the very least, formerly interesting, and Nomo certainly has the edge over Tomko in that regard. Still, none of this is going happen, which dampens the fun of thinking about it.

  • In case you missed it over the weekend, NHZ looked at the offensive PECOTA projections for the Royals in some detail.
  • Now that season-game tickets are on sale, we can start talking about where we might like to sit during RR Fest. Considering everything, I'd say the outfield or upper deck make the most sense. If you have a preference, air it in the RR Fest Diary.
  • As "jmello33" points out, the Star has reported on Hillman's possible Opening Day lineup. Considering that the Cardinals and Brewers are openly leaning towards batting the pitcher 8th, the hopeful part of me thinks a new day of creativity may be dawning. Well, if not creativity, then at least an intermediate stage where new ideas are at least considered, if not adopted. Eh, maybe not, at least around here, considering we've got Gload exploding in the three hole.