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Spring Training Game 15 Open Thread

Royals v. Angels today. Spring Training, week two. Our lives will never, ever, be the same.

Being a teacher during the days before Spring Break is one of the most frustrating things ever: no one doing the work, no one paying attention in class, tons of absences and lots of people showing up to class, then leaving during it. And on and on. I could say more, but I won't. I'm trying to be a nicer person now.

After seeing NYRoyal's post on Soria, I decided to hold off on the Radio Affiliate Profile for a day or so. So to the one or two of you miffed about that un-kept promise, I apologize. Ray from Royals on the Radio, Etc. has posted an interview with one of the top 50 or so Royals bloggers around so if you get super bored, you can check that out.

Speaking of interviews, here's the kind I should do.