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Spring Training Game 24 Open Thread

The Royals take on the White Sox today, with the mercurial Zack Greinke taking the pill for the boys in blue. Look for a new Radio Affiliate post sometime this evening.

  • Gload described as gritty, hard-working, and blue-collar by Dick Kaegel on the official site. He must be related to Tyler Hansbrough.
  • The users at South Side Sox peg the Royals as a 73 win team.
  • The Esteban German rumors continue to fly, which must make Ryan Shealy happy. Can we send them Tony Pena Jr. instead?
  • Former Dayton Moore pickup and beloved former Brave Odalis Perez has been named the Opening Day starer for the Nationals. The oldest 30-year old on the planet, I'll be stunned if Perez is on a Major League roster by 2010.
  • Why didn't we have a contest for this bracket?
So no one knows where Ken Harvey is?