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Spring Training Game 25 Open Thread

Jorge de la Rosa makes an important start tonight, as these things go, looking to solidify his position in the rotation against the Dodgers. The fifth spot in the rotation appears to be the domain of whoever claims the Davies/Tomko/JDLR battle, all Moore pickups of varying degrees of annoyingness. Of that crew, Tomko's got the track record, I suppose, JDLR has the stuff/potential and Davies, well, Davies has the ex-Braves pedigree and supposedly dynamite stuff as well.

Perhaps the historical precedent here is the War of the Three Kingdoms era when England, Ireland and Scotland got their intercine warfare on in the middle of the seventeenth century. Longtime readers will note that I've never really been a fan of JDLR, having been blinded by his horrible numbers from the beginning, so we can call him England. Davies and Tomko are lesser entities on the fringe trying to assert themselves, but also being manipulated, all while sharing a common celtic heritage and a reputation for grit and non-flattering facial hair. Or something like that. In all seriousness, I do think JDLR could potentially be dynamite as a reliever, despite the fact that there's really been no downside to his endless opportunities to make it as a starter. And hey, he cost us Tony Graffanino, so you really can't complain that he hasn't been Johan Santana.

It's rather terrifying that we've already played so many Spring Training games. Moreover, how its March 24, 2008, I have no idea. Internally, I'm comfortable with it being, say, maybe 2005. Where has March gone? Where did 2007 run off to? I was never even comfortable with that year, and now its already '08. I wish someone could slow down the conveyor belt pushing towards the grave, because it sure seems fast...