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Royals Review Fest Question

The first annual Royals Review Fest is now just a month away. On Saturday, April 26, we'll be gathering at the K to watch the Royals take on the Blue Jays.

The First Ever Royals Review Fest

Date: Saturday April 26
Location: The K
Activities: Tailgating. Watching the Royals battle the hated Blue Jays. Debating the relative merits of Justin Huber, Jason Smith, Brett Tomko, etc..

Now that single game tickets are available, I was wondering if anyone had thoughts on where we might like to informally sit. While the pre-game tailgate is the actual "fest", I suppose, I was sorta thinking that it could also be fun to be in the same section for the game. That is, if people wanted to do that sort of thing, and didn't already have their own seats. (The first 20,000 fans also get a stadium blanket that night.)

My own preference is probably for the "View Box" section, directly behind home plate in the upper deck (but the light blue elevation, not the dark). Those tickets are $17 dollars, and it looks like lots are available in sections 300-302 (i.e. right above the press boxes). I'm not averse to sitting somewhere else, if people have strong preferences, but I do think these seats are a nice blend of affordability and quality.