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Spring Training Game 28 Open Thread

The Royals play their final Cactus League game today, with Mike Maroth making the start. Might this be the last time we see Maroth in a Royals uniform? A nation awaits.

All the Spring Training discussion, drama, and intrigue (and non-intrigue) we've had over the last month reminds me of a simple little poem by Larkin, called "Nothing to Be Said". The poem gestures towards the blankness beneath everything we do, and finally suggests a kind of stoicism.

Hours giving evidence
Or birth, advance
On death equally slowly.
And saying so to some
Means nothing; others it leaves
Nothing to be said.

This site has its most value as a place where minute Royals-related discussions and reactions can take place. Unfortunately, and as has become something of a running joke, Spring Training, 90% of the time, is meaningless. Which leaves nothing to be said...

And so, yay Mike Maroth! Lets beat those Rangers!