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Spring Training Game 9 Open Thread

Posted just in time!

I like to sleep in on Fridays, then hit the gym before heading to some combination of the library/my office. So needless to say, my day gets started pretty late, and these 2:05 CST start times look like they're gonna be a challenge.

The Royals battle the Rockies again today, in a game mostly notable for the Spring Training debut of Mark Grudzielanek. I fully expect Grudz to play in, ohh, eight spring games, hit .250/.290/.380, and none of it to really matter in any way.

- NHZ has a post coming.

- A reader sent me a link to the AV Club's review of God Save the Fan which includes a reference to Royals fans. You know, about two years ago I did a series of email interviews with a guy who claimed he was writing a book on sports/internet/blogs/fans or something like that. I haven't heard anything from him since, but I'll hold out hope that I'll be quoted in a book some day.

- Mellinger's blog has a nice interview with Rany up.