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Game 10 Spring Training Open Thread

The Royals take on the Cubs this afternoon, behind Brett Tomko and Jose Guillen.

  • Why does anyone believe anything Bud Selig says? From the financial status of innumerable clubs to essentially everything he's said about PEDs, testing (these results will be confidential, no wait...) and the Mitchell Report, dating back to the earliest years of the decade, Bud has shown he's still the used car salesman he's always been. But KC will get that All-Star Game, someday, he's just "fiddling around" with the dates. And when it does, thanks to the immeasurable economic benefits of the renovated K and those magical three days, everyone in town will be a millionaire.
  • Bleed Cubbie Blue already has 28 comments posted regarding today's game. Cub fans are the new Red Sox fans, who are in turn the new Yankee fans.