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Game 9 Open Thread - Yankees (4-5) at Royals (6-2)

In the season preview piece I mentioned that, thanks to the unbalanced schedule and the general strength of the American League, the Royals were slated to play 58 games against the Tigers/Tribe, Yanks/BoSox and Angels fivesome, and that this may represent something of a difficulty. Well, the Royals have started the season 5-0 against the Tigers and Yankees, thanks to a pitching staff that is operating on an otherwordly level.

K.C. Starters 50 .265 16 30 2.88
K.C. Relievers 22 .151 5 28 0.82

Any questions?

And so, the Royals turn to John Bale tonight, looking for their second sweep of the season. Bale wasn't exactly good, but he wasn't terrible either, in his first start of the season against Minnesota. Tonight could be an interesting gauge of how aggressive Hillman may end up being with his 'pen, since just about everyone should be available tonight.

The Yankees go with Andy Pettitte (career ERA 3.84, though it hasn't been that low in years) noted destroyer of our national innocence. Tonight will mark his 18th career start and 20th career game against the Royals.

So for tonight, do you go with the standard broom or some anti-Pettitte signage?

As for deeper meanings? Eh. Remember, this has happened before, with lesser talent and a (probably) much doofier management team.