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Game 18 Open Thread - Royals (9-8) at A's (10-8)

Gosh. Isn't it just so awkward that the A's keep winning? Weren't they supposed to be a monument to dead ideas, because a guy retired or something? Their GM isn't even a former Braves staffer and they don't have a new manager infusing them with attitude and they don't have Meche's grit and leadership and they don't have a single pitcher 15% as smart as Banny. I don't get it. Oh, and their payroll is $10-15 million dollars smaller than the Royals', depending on what numbers you want to believe.

Today the Royals look to avoid falling to .500 for the first time since Opening Day, and thankfully, Zack Greinke (0.75 ERA) will take the ball to start the game. After getting to 8-5 after a win over the Mariners, the Royals have scuffled a bit, falling flat last night in a thoroughly ugly performance. It's silly and irrational, but I'd like to see the team keep its head above water as long as possible, and a win today would buy another couple days of the Royals being above .500 and thus eligible for all kinds of random remarks during other team's games of the and those Royals have gotten off to a nice start variety.

The A's counter with Greg Smith, like another Louisianan, who will be making his third career start this afternoon. Of course, we all know that he was drafted by the A's in 2005 (6th round), and they don't know anything about evaluating players, so it's obvious he sucks. A 6th round draft pick contributing to your big league club three years later? Idiotic.


Just a reminder, we're now exactly one week from Royals Review Fest (link)at the K. I'll be tailgating before the Royals-Jays game on Saturday night (free blankets!) and would love to meet anyone who'll be at the game. You can also look for us (me and my girlfriend) in section 304, where I'll have my Gload Will Explode! sign.