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Game 20 Open Thread - Indians (7-12) at Royals (9-10)

Have the 2008 Royals said goodbye to .500 baseball forever? They kept their heads above water until game 18 and then fell below the line the very next day, getting swept by the A's along the way. If the Royals drop to 9-11, then you start needing a win streak just to get back over .500, which may be too much to ask a team that is on pace to score like 400 runs this season and still has Brett Tomko in the rotation. I hate to say it, but a loss tonight might mean the Royals don't see .500 again this year, which would be a very sad thing. Well, man is born to suffering.


C.C., what do you see see when you looksie in the mirror?

Of course, the Royals won't lose tonight in the first place, because man's man Gil Meche will be making the start. And since the Royals made him their number one stud, he's become a new man, confident, but not pitching angry, or something like that. He might also be the highest paid pitcher to -- to my recollection -- never record a 1-2-3 inning.

2008 - Gil Meche 1-2 6.08 1.64 18 13

2008 - C.C. Sabathia 0-3 13.50 2.56 14 14

The countdown to Royals Review Fest continues!