Roll Call for Royals Review Fest this Saturday

In the first post about RR Fest, we began the preliminary discussion about who was coming, how much food I should bring, etc. Once again, here's the basics:

The First Ever Royals Review Fest

Date: Saturday April 26
Location: The K
Activities: Tailgating. Watching the Royals battle the hated Blue Jays. Debating the relative merits of Justin Huber, Jason Smith, Shane Costa, Brett Tomko, etc..

(I am little confused about where I can park, but I'll be calling the K tomorrow to get more information. So I'll be updating where my truck will be. Stay tuned.)

My fiancee (sp?) and I will be sitting in section 304, and our planning on bringing in a Gload Will Explode poster. So feel free to try to sit around us, if you'd like. I know above all else Mary is really looking forward to meeting SLGGRRRRR.

It's also free blanket day at the K, so you'll have that to look forward to.


[Note by royalsreview, 04/23/08 2:51 PM EDT ]

Update. I will be tailgating in the general parking lot on the EAST SIDE. The game starts at 6:10, and hopefully we will be there around 2:30. After talking to the stadium office, I think this is just about the earliest I can get there. Since we will be there so early, look for us in the good sections, closer to the gates. The Royals Review tailgate vehicle is a 2001 Blue Chevy Silverado with a dented roof, and we should have some snacks and drinks. Probably the "Gload Will Explode" poster will be displayed somehow too.



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