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Game 25 Open Thread - Jays (10-15) at Royals (11-13)


Gload Will Explode.

What a game last night. In person, at least to me, Pena's play in the 8th looked impressive, but when I saw the highlights back in the hotel room, I was really floored. I have nothing else to say, no analysis, no nothing. I don't know if he hits enough to justify his spot in the lineup (although I think he's a career .300 hitter at the K) and he also made an error in the field earlier in the game, but with that being said, that was a game winning play. On Friday night, the lovable David Eckstein failed to make a much easier play in the 8th, and his team lost. More than any other singular moment, the Royals won last night because Pena was able to make that throw -- in time, and on line -- to bail out the bullpen and preserve the lead.

Today, it's Gil Meche (1-3, 8.00 ERA) on the mound as the Royals go for the sweep, while the Jays counter with Jason Litsch (2-1, 6.16 ERA) on what looks like is going to be a beautiful day...

I have a question for people who have been to the K this year: does it seem like there's more energy, even rowdiness in the crowd this season? I know memory is an unreliable source, but it definitely seemed a little different last night than times I'd been in year's past.

I'm about to hit the road and head back to Iowa, unfortunately -- I'm really tempted to buy a cheap ticket for todays game -- but the good news is I'll have numerous radio affiliates to choose from on the drive home. Thanks to everyone who dropped by RR Fest. I really didn't bring my A-game tailgating-wise, and in retrospect should have bought a Royals flag or something to alert more people. I'll have a little but more probably later tonight, but special thanks to Royals Nation , Central Champs 2009 and his wife, and Shooter and his wife for dropping by and for giving Mary and I such a nice welcome to the K. During the game we also got to meet Andrew Miller and Loyal2theRoyals. Next year, maybe I'll even do some planning, have real food (not just snacks and taffy) at the tailgate, get some corporate sponsorship and some guest speakers and all the rest.

OK... I-35 beckons.