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Two Questions

Here are your questions:

  1. Is it early?
  2. Do the Royals have an attendance problem?

Let's start, obviously, with the first question. So, is it early? I ask in reference to the refrain of "it's early" that we've all heard, read, said and written these first four weeks.  The answer depends, of course, on how you define terms. The facts are simple: the Royals have played 25 games, or 15.4% of the schedule. Then again, the Royals are prepared to play 180 games, or whatever Hillman's line is. So, let's rephrase, have the Royals played enough baseball that we can say much of anything about them?

The second question is similarly hard to answer. I ask because, as I drove back to Iowa on Sunday, I heard on the radio that the attendance for Sunday's game was 13,998, which jumps out as a fairly low total for a Sunday afternoon game with nice weather. Right now, the Royals rank 27th in pure attendance and 25th in percentage of seats occupied. Yes, it's early -- or is it -- and I've been around long enough to know that supposedly the attendance picks up when school ends and it gets warm and all that. That being said, the Royals have only played eleven home games, one of which was the guaranteed Opening Day sellout, two more of which were against the Yankees. And all of them were after the 3-0/4-2 start.

Let's take a look at how everyone fared on Sunday:

Games on 4/27 Attendance
ATL@NYM 53,598
COL@LAD 50,670
HOU@STL 44,222
FLA@MIL 41,656
AZ@SD 40,074
CIN@SF 39,050
LAA@DET 36,347
CHC@WAS 33,795
OAK@SEA 32,612
BOS@TBD 32,363
NYY@CLE 31,598
BAL@CWS 29,756
MIN@TEX 19,911
PHI@PIT 17,588
TOR@KC 13,998


I don't know what the Royals should be drawing on a typical Sunday afternoon game. Not in a financial sense (from the club's end) not in an actuarial or sociological sense (looking at the region's size and economics) or in a civic pride or in a team spirit sense. Nevertheless, being dead last in something isn't a good thing, nor is finishing nearly 16,000 fans short of a pretty blah White Sox-Orioles game at the Cell, or six thousand short of Twins-Rangers in Arlington.