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The Royals Are 3-0

The Royals are 3-0. Deal with it, America.

And no, this isn't the second time in twenty eight years thats happened -- as was reported on Baseball Tonight, last night, about 2-0 -- it's the second time in five years actually.

Someone call Desi Relaford, Ken Harvey and Michael Tucker.

Quick hits as we celebrate:

  • It's three games. It's three games. If this were an NFL season, by my calculations, we'd be about two minutes into the second quarter of the first game.
  • The team is not winning because of small-ball, attitude, or Tiger complacency, they are winning because of absurd pitching. Period. The offense has been adequate, but not even that good. In 29 innings, the Tigers scored five runs. I could have been the leadoff man and Jenn Sterger could have hit cleanup this series, and the Royals would likely have still won all three games.
  • The bullpen threw nine innings against the Tigers, and allowed one run, the Tomko, surrendered homer in the Opener. Insane.
  • For the curious, 38% of the runs the Royals scored this series were courtesy of the long ball. Another 15% have come from doubles.
  • Some were suggesting, Denny included, that the ball was carrying today in Detroit. I don't know. I was in Iowa. That being said, it was Detroit and it was cold. The three starters -- Meche, Bannister, Greinke -- managed 12 strikeouts combined, which I still believe is a little too low. Twelve K's isn't hideously low, far from it, but, it still suggests the boys may have been a smidge fortunate. Thankfully, just like last season, the bullpen doesn't mess around and rely on guile.
  • As a team, the Royals drew seven walks in three games.
  • Tony Pena Jr is hitting .111/.111/.111. But his only hit was the game-winner on Opening Day. Obviously, he doesn't care about stats. He just cares about winning. I credit Hillman.