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Game 5 Open Thread - Royals (3-1) at Twins (2-3)

Thanks to Oakland's win last night, the Royals will spend at leastanother day alone in first place in the AL Central. The American Leagueis incredibly balanced right now: the Tigers are winless, everyone elseeither has two wins, or three. With no exceptions. There are nofour-win teams and there are no one-win teams. The National Leaguelacks a four-win team as well, although there are a spate of teamsstill sitting on one win. It means nothing, and won't last, but asidefrom Detroit, as of yet, no one has had a disaster start, and no onehas really flown out of the gate.

Gil Meche makes his second start of the season today, lookingto build on a so-so six inning outing opener against the Tigers, whichlooked progressively worse over the next three days as Brian Bannisterand Zack Greinke posted even stronger outings.

Meche will face off against Livan Hernandez, who not only isstill alive, but is still in baseball. It only takes a few years in theNational League, especially if you are playing for an NL West team, andI'll quietly lose sight of you. Well, the man's a Twin now, and he'sonly "33", so this looks like a nice pickup by Minnesota.

(Jokes about players from certain countries being older than listedare still funny, I think. Innuendos about players "looking slimmer"however, were not only never funny, they were cowardly. If you thinkDavid Dellucci used PEDs, as apparently Ed Farmer and Steve Stone, theWhite Sox radio team, do then just say it. Be a man. Show how righteousand un-shrunken your testicles really are. Defend our nationalinnocence! If we are going to devote so much time and money and energyon this, then let's get rid of the nudge nudge wink wink level and justtreat them like enemies of the state.)

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